The CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer revolutionizes flight planning with its intuitive interface and comprehensive range of aviation functions, empowering pilots with fast, accurate solutions. From streamlined exam preparation to in-flight calculations, its sleek design and versatile features make it an essential companion for every journey into the skies.


Introducing the CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer, your ultimate companion for streamlined flight planning and execution. Engineered to simplify the complexities of aviation calculations, this cutting-edge device empowers pilots, mechanics, and dispatchers with fast, accurate, and intuitive solutions.

Seamless Exam Preparation

Designed with versatility in mind, the CX-3 effortlessly navigates through various FAA and Canadian pilot exams, ensuring comprehensive preparation for every aviation professional. Its user-friendly interface mirrors the sequential workflow of flight operations, facilitating a seamless transition from one task to the next with minimal input requirements.

Diverse Functionality

Equipped with a comprehensive array of aviation functions, the CX-3 caters to diverse operational needs, including time, speed, distance, heading, wind correction, fuel consumption, altitude, cloud base determination, standard atmosphere calculations, glide path analysis, as well as precise weight and balance assessments. Additionally, its advanced holding pattern function offers invaluable assistance in determining entry methods and holding details with precision.

Sleek Design for Effortless Handling

Beyond its extensive functionality, the CX-3 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design for effortless portability and handling. Featuring a protective cover that seamlessly transitions into a sturdy base, it ensures stability during operation, even on smooth surfaces. The Theme feature allows customization between Standard, Night, and Daylight views, catering to varying lighting conditions for optimal readability.

Adaptive Illumination

With built-in calculator, clock, timer, and stopwatch functionalities, along with adjustable backlighting settings, the CX-3 adapts to any environment, from bright daylight to dimly lit cockpits. The keypad illuminates in Dusk and Night modes, enhancing usability in low-light conditions.

Convenient Features

Moreover, the CX-3 offers convenient features like Favorite function for quick access to frequently used tools and Aircraft Profile storage, enabling personalized configuration specific to individual aircraft.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in flight planning with the CX-3 Electronic Flight Computer, your trusted companion for every journey into the skies.

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